Our brand

The french touch

Ambassador of your style, Ted Berslay is a brand which combine elegance and refinement. Its line of conduct: perfect the styles of each with a simple and elegant accessory.

Thus, Ted Berslay offers you a range of classic and minimalist watches for a distinguished and elegant style. Our models of watches available on the site, are intended for both women and men.

A timeless minimalism

Personalization and modernism are integral parts of Ted Berslay’s know-how. In the design and manufacture of our watches, we are constantly committed to our ideal of perfection, as well as to the propagation of our French identity.

our 36mm diameter watches evoke sophisticated elegance in a minimalist design. Their lightness and timeless line will sublimate your casual outfits like those of your evenings. Each one is equipped with a leather strap, metallic or perlon strap according to the model.

The 40mm diameter watches are also suitable for all situations. Whether you are attending a golf or attending a distinguished reception with friends, assemble your watch with strap that will suit your outfit.

Interchageable straps

For those who already have their watch Ted Berslay and wish to be able to associate it with all their outfits: it is possible. We offer the unit interchangeable nylon straps, and also braided bracelets.

Do not forget: in a few seconds, you can change the bracelet of your watch and thus style!